Extreme Weather Protocol

Is not in effect.

Standard Shelter is available tonight at 632 Pidcock Ave, Courtenay BC

Last Updated for:

Tuesday, 29 Oct, 2019

About The Extreme Weather Shelter

During times of extreme weather our homeless population have a hard time staying dry and warm. This could be a threat to their overall well being, and they also could be facing a substantial risk to their lives or health.  The Extreme Weather Shelter was developed to assist the homeless at times of extreme weather. A committee with representation from many of the helping organizations in the valley has developed an ‘Extreme Weather Response Plan’.

Extreme Weather: It has been determined by our community, along with research into other similar communities’ extreme weather response plans, that the following conditions must be present for Extreme Weather Shelter activation:

    1. Temperatures near zero with rainfall that makes it difficult or impossible for homeless people to remain dry: and/or
    2. sleet/freezing rain: and/or
    3. snow accumulation: and/or
    4. sustained high winds: and/or
    5. temperatures at or below -2 Celsius
  • feedback from clientele of the various facilities may also be considered

All the above will take into consideration whether the weather poses a substantial threat to the life or health of homeless persons.  Contact would first be made with the Valley’s homeless shelter as to its capacity status.