Comox Valley EWP – Activated

  1. 509539.checkmark Extreme Weather Protocol 509539.checkmark

Is in effect at this time.

Extreme Weather Shelter

is available tonight (at 8 pm):

632 Pidcock Ave, Courtenay BC

Last Updated : Mon 6 Nov, 2017

About The Extreme Weather Shelter

During times of extreme weather our homeless population have a hard time staying dry and warm. This could be a threat to their overall well being, and they also could be facing a substantial risk to their lives or health.  The Extreme Weather Shelter was developed to assist the homeless at times of extreme weather. A committee with representation from many of the helping organizations in the valley has developed an ‘Extreme Weather Response Plan’.

Extreme Weather

It has been determined by our community, along with research into other similar communities’ extreme weather response plans, that the following conditions must be present for Extreme Weather Shelter activation:

    1. Temperatures near zero with rainfall that makes it difficult or impossible for homeless people to remain dry: and/or
    2. sleet/freezing rain: and/or
    3. snow accumulation: and/or
    4. sustained high winds: and/or
    5. temperatures at or below -2 Celsius
  • feedback from clientele of the various facilities may also be considered

All the above will take into consideration whether the weather poses a substantial threat to the life or health of homeless persons.  Contact would first be made with the Valley’s homeless shelter as to its capacity status.